Changing the world starts with a story. That’s where Forward Frame Media comes in. We work with nonprofits, like minded political campaigns, charities, and start-ups to inspire change through video content creation. We move your cause FORWARD.

From coming up with an idea all the way through uploading to YouTube, we are there every step of the way. We write, direct, shoot, and edit, turning your message into a compelling narrative that will show the world who you are and generate the action you need.

We work for change we wish to see in the world. You want to make the world a better place? Forward frame media is here to get you over the finish line.

Other Services:

Video Editing: Already shot it and just need an editor? We can turn hours of footage into the best 30 seconds you’ve ever seen.

Communication Consulting: You have your video but can’t figure out the right 280 characters to go along with it? We also offer social media and communication consulting.

Website Creation: Forward Frame Media works with Unfiltered Media to design the perfect internet home for your campaign.

About the Founder:


Jesse founded Forward Frame Media to be an affordable and effective partner for nonprofits, campaigns, startups, and change-makers who want to tell their story and get their message out.

Jesse grew up in New York City where he developed a passion for filmmaking, digital media, storytelling, and advocacy. He directed and edited a half hour documentary on political advertising called “I Approve this Message” and is working on a feature length documentary on economic inequality. Jesse is a graduate of American University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Arts and his master’s degree in Political Communication. Before going out on his own, Jesse worked as the Digital Communications Associate at Better Markets, where he created graphics, ran the social media accounts, helped with the creation of a new website, and sent out mass emails and press releases.