Changing the world starts with a story. That’s where Forward Frame Media comes in. We work with nonprofits, political campaigns, charities, and start-ups to inspire change through video content creation. We move your cause FORWARD.

From coming up with an idea all the way through uploading to YouTube, we are there every step of the way. We write, direct, shoot, and edit, turning your message into a compelling narrative that will show the world who you are and generate the action you need.

We work for change we wish to see in the world. You want to make the world a better place? Forward Frame Media is an affordable and effective partner for nonprofits, political campaigns, and other change-makers who want to tell their story and get their message out.

Jesse Medalia Strauss – Founder & Video Producer

Jesse Medalia Strauss is an Emmy award winning video producer and the founder of Forward Frame Media, a progressive media and communications firm based in Washington, DC. As an expert in political communications and video production, Jesse has produced hundreds of videos for nonprofits and political campaigns since founding Forward Frame Media in 2015.

Jesse is a graduate of American University, where he also taught as an adjunct professor, teaching Multimedia Production to graduate students in the Global Media Studies program. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Film and Media and a master’s degree in Political Communication. He is a native of New York City and is happy to travel in order to make your video vision a reality. Jesse’s mission is to use video, social media, and other communications tools to make the world a better and more inclusive place.

Becky Mezzanotte-Blizard – Business Manager

Becky Mezzanotte-Blizard is a digital content and event professional with a Master’s degree in International Media from American University. Much of her free time is spent at the ice rink practicing jumps and spins or in hockey skates with a hockey stick (she plays on 3 teams). She likes to travel and often does so with her skates. Her craziest adventure involved driving to Toronto with her best friend to see her favorite K-Pop band, SHINee. Becky joined Forward Frame as the Business Manager where she plans to keep everyone super organized because she’s known for that. Be careful about talking to her about figure skating, hockey or K-Pop. She doesn’t shut up about them.

Dumarys C. Espaillat – Motion Graphics Artist

Dumarys C. Espaillat was until recently the cool kid to ask for free concert tickets. Over the years she has used her animation and photography skills to promote concerts and artists. She was born and raised in Puerto Rico and is currently living in NYC. She is often complaining about being cold but loves the snow. Throughout her time in NYC she has done work for brands like HBO, J. Crew, Dove, Theragun, Dunkin’, Electric Zoo, Elrow, among others. Dumarys joined Forward Frame Media helping the company with her motion design skills. She tries her best to always bring magic to the team and encourage everyone to watch every Harry Potter movie because she is obsessed with it.

Austen Saltz – Video Editor

Austen is an NYC-based video editor who works across a variety of short-form video content. During the day he cuts for trailer house Giaronomo Productions. At Forward Frame Media, he helps advocate for bold progressive policies, as well as “just a little more sound design” on every cut. Don’t ask him if somewhere is “walkable”… the answer will always be yes.

Derek Shane Garcia – Cinematographer & Editor

Derek Shane Garcia has won and been nominated for several awards and selected in festivals including Chelsea Film Festival where he was awarded best Director, Tribeca, Brooklyn International, Chicago, Williamsburg International, Marfa, Art of Brooklyn and Taormina Film Festival. Also well rounded in Documentary film having made films for CBS Sunday Morning News and Channel Thirteen for Ken Burns Projects that have aired nationally.

He went to the SUNY Purchase’s Film Conservatory and ever since then working as a director/producer/cinematographer or editor on several music videos, shorts, features, advertisements, concerts, live events, promos and web-series episodes.

Some of his favorite work is with Forward Frame Media where he is a go to cinematographer and editor.